Jonathan Lucroy Hospitalized After Devastating Collision at Home Plate


Los Angeles Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy was carted off and sent to the hospital for a CT scan and a possible broken nose after he was bowled over by Houston’s Jake Marisnick at home plate during Sunday’s game.

As far as these things go, the force was way up there: Pete Rose-Ray Fosse in the All-Star Game type contact.

Marisnick was ruled for violating MLB’s play-at-the-plate rules. He was immediately concerned for Lucroy’s well-being and has issued an apology in which he explains what he saw in the moment leading up to the incident.

Angels manager Brad Ausmus said postgame that baseball should take a hard look at the play and determine if Marisnick needs to be suspended.

While it’s fair that mistakes can happen at that type of speed, this is the type of play MLB wants out of the game completely. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some stern punishment handed down.