Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer Suggests Treating Unemployed People Like Hungry Dogs on Laura Ingraham's Show

Stephen Douglas
Laura Ingraham and Jon Taffer
Laura Ingraham and Jon Taffer /

Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue appeared on Thursday night's Ingraham Angle. Taffer and host Laura Ingraham discussed the possibility of cutting off unemployment in an effort to force people back to work. Ingraham noted that "hunger is a pretty powerful thing" and Taffer then relayed a story about how military dogs are only fed at night "because a hungry dog is an obedient dog."

Woof. What an incredibly dark example for Taffer to use considering he spent the most recent season of Bar Rescue trying to help bars in Las Vegas that had been affected by the pandemic. Those episodes have been presented as Taffer trying to help save the hospitality industry and help people get back to work. Saying those same people need to be hungry to want to work certain presents a very different view of the people who have lost work because of a pandemic.