Jon Rahm Gives One-Fingered Salute to Hole He Missed

Kyle Koster
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Jon Rahm is a bit too far back among the field to make a realistic run at the top this weekend in Ohio but it's important he amass as many points and positions possible for competitive and financial advantage. Every birdie and par save adds up because the season is a marathon, not a sprint. That's why missing early on a Saturday can be as frustrating as late Sunday.

Rahm helpfully displayed the most satisfying coping mechanism for an unrealized opportunity and it involves one, if not two, middle fingers.

Unsure what the hole did there, exactly. It's been in the same spot morning and hasn't moved. In fact, it'd be a huge story if it did. Maybe in a few years when a legion of Bryson Clones are posting -30s.