Jon Rahm Four-Putted the First Hole at The Masters and Even IBM Watson Was Speechless

The Masters - Round One
The Masters - Round One / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Jon Rahm had a rough start to his Masters as he double-bogeyed the first hole thanks to a four-putt from 40-feet. It was one of those professional golfers are just like regular people moments and you can usually hear it in the voices of the announcers, but IBM Watson does not yet have the ability to feel empathy. So when faced with Rahm missing a very short putt for bogey the Masters' exclusive Artificial Intelligence commentary provided by IBM simply did not compute.

There are apparently no words in the detailed golf narration lexicon for missing a three-footer for bogey. Even worse, Watson lacks arms with which to hug Rahm to comfort him.

Luckily, Rahm got right back to even par with back-to-back birdies on the second and third holes. Unfortunately, there would be no computer-generated high fives for that either. Just souless narration explaining how far from the hole he was when he struck the ball.