Jon Gruden is Running the Raiders into the Ground, and Oakland Can't Do Anything About It

By Jason McIntyre

Jon Gruden is back in the NFL after being in the announcing both for nearly a decade, and it’s been a rude awakening for the new Raiders coach.

Oakland is a disaster. Offensively, they’re a train wreck. Derek Carr took a pounding against Seattle Sunday, and he’s been sacked 17 times, and has thrown more interceptions (8) than TDs (7). The defense, after Gruden traded Khalil Mack, has been among the league’s worst, giving up a staggering 6.7 yards per play.

Now, there are reports Amari Cooper is on the trading block. Don’t be surprised if Derek Carr is next. The Raiders are a tear down in progress, and they’re not even near the bottom. After they lose Marshawn Lynch – why would he want to play for a 4-win team? – you’re looking at maybe the NFL’s worst team to start next season.

But before Raiders fans start calling for the end of Jon Gruden, and complaining that the game has passed him by … save your breath. You’re wasting your time.

Oakland needs Jon Gruden. They’re moving to Las Vegas, and will need to sell tickets. Carr won’t sell tickets, and frankly, Mack would not have either. Gruden? He can energize the fan base based on being a good performer on TV, and winning one Super Bowl.

Yes, he won a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy’s players. Take away that one postseason, and Gruden’s career playoff record is 2-4. He’s going to ruin the Raiders, and the franchise cant do a darn thing about it.