Jon Gruden Diagnoses Self With Nathan Peterman Growth, Should Get That Checked Out

Kyle Koster

Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden has spent a lot of time with a lot of different quarterbacks in recent years. This is something to consider when basking in the nuclear blast of his comment today at training camp.

“Nate Peterman is growing on me,” he said.

Lest you think I made this up, here is one of several writers who got to experience the admission in real time.

Peterman is battling Mike Glennon for the backup job. If this doesn’t make you want to watch Hard Knocks, nothing will. Antonio Brown showing up to training camp in a hot air balloon is like watching paint dry in comparison.

So what’s Gruden — if you’ll excuse the British  — on about here? Surely he’s seen Peterman play on Sundays. Surely he heard about the five-interception monstrosity in 2017 and last year’s 1:7 touchdown-interception ratio.

Well, odds are he’s doing the football lifer thing by putting passive-aggressive pressure on starter Derek Carr. This is supposed to light a fire under his butt, I guess, but the fire is Nathan Peterman.

It’s a bold strategy but I refuse to question a man with such incredible fashion sense.