Jon Gruden Tricked Raiders Players Into Thinking He Had COVID-19

Ryan Phillips
Jon Gruden, Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos
Jon Gruden, Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Jon Gruden and the Las Vegas Raiders want to make sure they're taking this whole COVID-19 pandemic seriously. That was made apparent by a report from Mike Garafolo on Wednesday where he revealed that on a recent team Zoom call, Gruden tricked his players into thinking he had the virus.

Yeah, that's right, last week the team informed the players Gruden wasn't on the call because he had contracted coronavirus and was at the hospital. Then "a short time later" revealed he didn't actually have a deadly virus that has killed nearly 160,000 Americans, but the team had just been testing the players so they understood how serious it was.

Check it out the report below:

What the hell, guys? You can't just explain to players how serious this is and how they need to be prepared? On top of that, the players on that call likely didn't even have enough time to process how serious the information was before they were told it was a hoax.

Fox Sports' Charlotte Wilder had the best reaction to the report:

That is spot-on.

There are plenty of ways to inform NFL players of the dangers of COVID-19 without telling them their coach may wind up dying.