Johnny Manziel Was Reportedly In Las Vegas Saturday Night Before the Browns Season Finale

Stephen Douglas

Johnny Manziel might have been in Las Vegas on Saturday, despite the fact that he posted a picture of himself and his dog on Instagram with the location saying Avon, Ohio. If you scroll through Manziel’s Instagram over the last year, you might notice that Manziel never uses the location services. Perhaps he was trying to give himself an alibi. According to a USA TODAY report, Manziel was at the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday night where he paid cash for dinner. Via USA TODAY:

Manziel also sat down at a blackjack table and a casino employee examining his photo ID exclaimed, “We’ve got Johnny Manziel with us tonight,” according to John Hornacek, a 43-year-old casino patron who witnessed the exchange.

The Cleveland Browns season ends today, but Manziel’s season ended with a mysterious concussion between games after he was partying over Christmas break. What a year for Johnny Football.