Johnny Manziel Tweeted That He Can't Wait to Leave Texas A&M

By Tim Ryan

Johnny Football, when he’s not throwing out the first pitch, sitting courtside, partying with Rick Ross, or bro’ing it up somewhere, the burdened Texas A&M sophomore — who can’t go to class without inviting chaos — is saying he can’t wait to leave College Station. Why? Mostly due to “bullshit.”

Notice how he said “a reason” and not “the reason.” So it’s safe to assume there are a slew of things in College Station bothering Manziel? The plot thickens, the Texas A&M student body loses its collective mind, and the tweet of course gets taken down.

Johnny Drama replaced that tweet with this nugget, which eclipses the first one in its dramatics and invites just as much backlash:

Should be a lively season in College Station, especially if Manziel struggles out of the gate and the critics swarm the Heisman Trophy winner like security at Brentano’s.

[h/t SB Nation]