Johnny Manziel's Girlfriend Disputes She Has a Modeling Contract, Or Something

By Brian Alexander Giuffra
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Colleen Crowley, aka Johnny Manziel’s girlfriend, likes to wear clothing designed by a company called No Rulez NY, as her Instagram account can attest. Tuesday afternoon, TMZ reported Crowley inked a modeling contract with the company. In a twist worthy of the Bard himself, Crowley took to Twitter to dispute TMZ’s reporting, writing she doesn’t have a contract and merely promotes the brand’s clothing.

"@TMZ I don't model for No Rulez, just help promote from time to time. Have my own things in the works. Just to get the facts straight☝️ — Colleen Crowley (@Coll_Crowley) November 5, 2014"

What a wonderful time to be alive, eh?