Johnny Manziel Reveals Bipolar Diagnosis, Admits to Self-Medicating with Alcohol

Kyle Koster

Johnny Manziel, who is eyeing a comeback to the football field, opened up about his bipolar disorder this morning in an interview with Good Morning America. The former Heisman Trophy winner and Browns quarterback revealed that he was diagnosed about a year ago and has been taking medication to address the situation.

Manziel also told GMA he is sober and that he used drinking as a way to self-medicate his depression.

“At the end of the day I can’t help that my wires are a little bit differently crossed than yours, I can’t help my mental makeup of the way that I was created,” he said. “But I know if I stay on these meds and I continue to do what I am doing right now … I think my dad, my mom, I think Bree [Tiese], would all agree that they see, a drastic change.”

Manziel took full responsibility for his troubled past during the interview. He spoke of his future football aspirations but did not lay out specific goals.

“You are left staring at the ceiling by yourself and in that depression and back in that dark hole of sitting in a room by yourself, super depressed, thinking about all the mistakes you made in your life,” he said. “What did that get me? Where did that get me except out of the NFL? Where did that get me? Disgraced.”

Whatever you think of Manziel’s past, present, and future, he looks and sounds like a guy who is in a much better mental space today than he has been in a long time.