Johnny Manziel Reportedly Showed Up Drunk to Practice Before Finale, Browns Lied About Concussion

By Jason Lisk

Mike Silver appeared on the NFL Network to talk about Johnny Manziel and dropped some pretty explosive information about Johnny Manziel’s final regular season week in Cleveland, between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

On Wednesday, December 30th, news came out suddenly that Johnny Manziel was in the concussion protocol, and was uncertain to play in the final regular-season game. According to Silver, the Browns lied about that, and Johnny Manziel showed up to practice on that Wednesday drunk. This preceded the “was he or was he not in Vegas” incident complete with blonde wig, and the news that Manziel didn’t report to the stadium for evaluation of the concussion on Sunday morning. (Maybe, just maybe if Silver’s report is correct, it’s because showing up was a charade and Manziel didn’t have an obligation to do so).

This would seem to confirm what Tony Grossi heard shortly after the season ended–that Manziel had shown up to practice inebriated and was sent home–but it goes a step further. The Cleveland Browns organization appears to have played fast and loose with the concussion issue and used it as an excuse, something the league should take very seriously.