Johnny Manziel Police Dash Cam Video Features Audio of a Very Upset Colleen Crowley

Stephen Douglas

Johnny Manziel was pulled over last week. His girlfriend, Colleen Crowley was in the car. They couple had been drinking to various degrees. There was an argument. Manziel put his hands on Crowley, though we’re not really sure to what extent. There were no arrests or citations, but there were many headlines. NewsNet5 and FOX 8 in Cleveland obtained the dash cam video of the traffic stop.

FOX 8 didn’t show us much. Two angles of cars parked on the side of the road. Some audio of Manziel explaining his version of events. The report says that the dash cam videos feature Crowley crying and saying that he hit her “a couple of times,” but didn’t want any attention. Police also brought up that it could be considered a domestic dispute because Crowley is currently living with him.

Here’s the 911 call.