Johnny Manziel: Orlando Sentinel Columnist Thinks Heisman Should Stop Being Awarded to Freshmen in Wake of His Offseason

By Ty Duffy

Orlando Sentinel columnist Matt Murschel thinks the Heisman Trust should rethink giving the award to a freshman, after the way it has purportedly gone to Johnny Manziel’s head this offseason. Murschel terms Manziel “a persona living a rock-star lifestyle in the body of a 20-year-old college student.”

"After the offseason that Manziel has had, the Heisman Trust should rethink giving the award to a first-year player again. The pictures tell the story. There’s the ones of him at a club with friends, or courtside at an NBA game, or dressed up as Scooby-Doo next to scantily clad coeds, or the ones where he is enjoying spring break on the sandy beaches of Cabo. Each documents the life of an average college student, but in Manziel’s case, he is not your average college student. He’s the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, which means everything he does – good or bad – is magnified 10-fold."

What precisely has Manziel done that is wrong or indecent? Is his girlfriend not girl-next-doory enough for a Heisman-winner? Does that party he was at look a little too fun? Has he not been demure enough about his parents being affluent? Did he get a little too heated during a practice?

This story is not about Johnny Manziel. It is about middle-aged men imbuing false chivalry into a football award and having the romance dashed. The Heisman is not a knighthood. It is an award for being the best college football player. Johnny Manziel was the best college football player. He does not need to get over a football award. Those who write about the award need to get over themselves.