Johnny Manziel is the Perfect Person to Teach Wyoming's Josh Allen About Football and Life

Stephen Douglas

Johnny Manziel is back in the States training for his NFL comeback according to TMZ. He recently took a break to visit a topless beach with his fiancée, Brie Tiesi, and some friends. At some point during this comeback attempt Manziel apparently spent some time working out with Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen, the potential top pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Via CBS Sports:

That would be the hype-filled celebrity status assigned to a kid who is suddenly working out with a recovering Johnny Manziel.

“Johnny has been very informative for me,” Allen said. “Not just on the field but off the field, staying out of the spotlight, doing the right things.”

Before you laugh, consider that Manziel might be able to make a good living as some kind of quarterback life adviser. He’s done plenty of dumb stuff and appears to be doing alright now even if he doesn’t have a job in the NFL at 24. He hasn’t been in court in months.

Manziel spent two seasons in an NFL locker room. Or at least as close to an NFL locker room as you get in Cleveland. Maybe he’s the perfect guy to tell young quarterbacks what not to do.

You can see the last picture from Manziel and Tiesi’s Mexican vacation on the next page.