Johnny Manziel Grilled by Joe Tessitore at SEC Media Day, Handles Himself Well [VIDEO]

By Jason McIntyre

Johnny Manziel, the 20-year old Heisman winner who is the media’s current obsession, sat down with ESPN’s Joe Tessitore at SEC media day this morning to talk about twitter, the Peyton Manning camp, and life as a rock star. I thought Manziel handled himself well, dodging the alcohol question, not getting flustered, and hitting on all the key talking points he was clearly coached about. He said his phone died and he overslept at Manning camp. Nobody will believe him, but who cares?

The most troublesome thing in all of this to me is that Tessitore said Manziel will meet the media at 10:10 am, then get on a plane to fly to LA for the ESPYs.

How many other college QBs have this many summer commitments?