Johnny Manziel Claps Back Hard After Darren Rovell Targets Him

Johnny Manziel, Birmingham Iron v Memphis Express
Johnny Manziel, Birmingham Iron v Memphis Express / Wesley Hitt/AAF/Getty Images

Johnny Manziel has been pretty quiet over the last year or so since the AAF went belly-up right underneath him and his then-wife Bre Tiesi filed for divorce. But on Wednesday he came back in a big way, bashing Darren Rovell after he took a shot at Manziel out of nowhere.

Rovell showed off two Sports Illustrated covers from seven years ago. One featured Alex Rodriguez hitting rock bottom, while the other had Johnny Manziel on it. Rovell contrasted how in the covers, A-Rod was at his lowest point after his PED scandal, while Manziel was ascendant following a Heisman Trophy campaign. He went on to note how the script has since flipped and Manziel is irrelevant while Rodriguez has rehabbed his image:

Johnny Football clapped back hard:

Listen, neither side of a feud between Manziel and Rovell is going to garner much sympathy, but in this case I'm taking Manziel's side. Mostly because that was a pretty quick and powerful rebuttal.

Nice work, Johnny.