Johnny Manziel Bought Everyone Miller Lites and Fireball Shots Draft Night at His Favorite College Station Bar

By Mike Cardillo

Johnny Manziel, as we all know, was in Green Room at Radio City Music Hall for a long time Thursday night before he was ultimately selected by the Cleveland Browns late in the first round. Sounds like Manziel’s heart remained in Texas, however. Prior to the draft he arranged to buy a round for everybody at Chimy’s Cerveceria — his favorite bar in College Station.

The Dallas Morning News reports Manziel left his credit card number at the bar, setting aside $2,000 for the alochol. Petro Robledo, the general manager of the bar, said about 122 people took up Manziel’s offer.

Oh right, the spirits of choice Manziel selected for his big night?

Miller Lites and a shot of Fireball.

Perfect, absolutely perfect. Keep doing you, Johnny.

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