Johnny Manziel and His Model Girlfriend Sat Courtside at the Rockets - Clippers Game


Johnny Manziel and his model girlfriend, Sarah Savage, attended last night’s Clippers – Rockets game in Houston. Floor seats for the Rockets taking on one of the two best teams in the NBA? Those must be expensive. Especially for a college kid. Right? In December Manziel sat courtside at a Mavericks game, which got a reaction from Steve Kerr.  Manziel said those seats were a birthday present to himself. (He also went to another Rockets game where he struck the Heisman pose with James Harden just like every other Texas A&M student-athlete always does.)

Personally, I think Manziel should be able to accept all the free tickets in the world. To borrow a term from the business world, Johnny Football – and Texas A&M’s trademark – made his university an “assload” of money. Also, there is the whole “amateurism in major college athletics is a joke” thing.