John Wall Playing Cards During an ESPN Interview Is the Second-Worst Thing Someone Did on Zoom Yesterday

Kyle Koster

Jason Fitz and Field Yates had John Wall on Monday Tailgate yesterday in advance of the big Arizona Cardinals-Dallas Cowboys game. The appearance apparently conflicted with a card game he'd previously scheduled, but the Washington Wizards point guard didn't panic. He simply multitasked, giving the ESPN duo the amount of attention Mark Zuckerberg theatrically gave to the Winklevi lawyers.

This is extremely relatable, if not a bit unprofessional. On any other day this might have become a thing, like when Wall danced and that one radio guy just lost it. But one of the great things about Jeffrey Toobin Day is that it allows tremendous freedom in the Zoom department. Literally no one is going to care what you did on Zoom yesterday — and going forward — because it will not be the Zoom thing everyone is thinking about.

Selfless act by Toobs. Savvy, trend-setting move by Wall.