John Sterling Butchers Call of Giancarlo Stanton Robbing Matt Chapman

Matt Chapman
Matt Chapman / Cole Burston/GettyImages

Last night, the New York Yankees were in Toronto to play the Blue Jays. In the bottom of the second, slugger Matt Chapman tagged a 1-2 pitch from Jordan Montgomery to right field. It was long and it was deep, but Giancarlo Stanton got up and stole a homer from Chapman with a fantastic catch.

You wouldn't have known that if you were listening to John Sterling calling the game on the YES Network alongside Suzyn Waldman. The 83-year-old play-by-play man had no idea what was going on during the play. He thought Chapman hit a home run and called it as such for a solid 10 seconds before realizing something was amiss before Waldman clued him in.

This was notably worse than Sterling's previous gaffe that came earlier in the year in which he happily shouted about a Stanton long ball that was caught well before the wall. At least in that scenario he figured out what was actually happening relatively quickly. In this instance he clearly had no idea what the hell was going on for a full 10 seconds. Context clues like Chapman trotting back to the dugout apparently didn't help.

Sterling is a veteran but it is hard to understand what the thought process was here. If an announcer is unsure about what's unfolding before their eyes, it's best to sit tight and wait instead of confusing viewers by guessing at what's happening.