Yankees Announcer John Sterling Reads D.A. Show's Shaun Morash's Vegas Phat Journal

Stephen Douglas

Shaun Morash of CBS Sports Radio's The D.A. Show went to a bachelor party in Las Vegas last weekend and wrote down everything he consumed. As with everything these days, the goal was to turn this "Phat Journal" into content for the show. The list of things he ate and drank was astounding, but the show took things to the next level by getting New York Yankees announcer John Sterling to read the food diary in its entirety. The finished product was hilarious.

The only thing missing was Suzyn Waldman making horrified noises in the background. Sterling did a tremendous read, only breaking a couple times over nearly three minutes, leaving Dan Amendolara and his co-hosts in stitches.

Just an incredible bit. The only way this can get better is if Sterling adopts "It's over, man. What a disgrace," as his signoff for Yankees losses this season.