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John Madden Thanksgiving Tribute Was Expertly Done

Kyle Koster

The NFL and NBC honored John Madden on Sunday night with a package narrated by his son. Madden, who died last December, was as synonymous with Thanksgiving as anyone else. He's singularly responsible for introducing turducken to the lexicon. His tradition of giving away a meaty leg to standout players continues to this day. Walking down memory lane to revisit some of his best holiday moments remains thoroughly enjoyable.

Madden felt like part of the extended family, always welcome to spice things up a bit. He provided the soundtrack to so many food comas and the inspiration for countless backyard football games. So it was great to hear someone from his actual family speak about what it was like to share him with America.

There won't ever be another like him. There shouldn't be another like him because to copy him feels a bit unholy.