John Lynch Says His Daughter Cried When He Took San Francisco GM Job Because "the 49ers are Horrible"

By Jason Lisk

John Lynch spoke with Mike Silver of NFL Network yesterday about his new role as GM of the San Francisco 49ers. At the end, Lynch was asked how the kids were handling the move, and Lynch, who lives in San Diego and has four children, shared the following:

"“I think the toughest one – I haven’t told this yet to the media – all my kids took it really well,” Lynch said. “They were shocked but they took it really well. My 9-year-old started bawlin’ and she’s not that girl. She’s the one that was always happy and she was crying and I said, ‘What’s wrong Leah? Is there some nervous anxiety about moving?’ And she said, ‘No daddy,’ and she was sobbing. And I said, ‘What’s wrong?’ And she said, ‘The 49ers are horrible.’"

Kids, as always, are refreshingly honest.