John Harbaugh Was a Complete Jerk to Ravens' Sideline Reporter at Halftime

By Jason Lisk

John Harbaugh had an eventful preseason contest last night. He went across the field to scream obscenities at Washington coach Jay Gruden after a big brawl that included several ejections, including Steve Smith.

At halftime, a sideline reporter with the Ravens broadcast, Brent Harris, started off asking about the incident with Gruden. Harbaugh refused to talk about it, saying “if you want to talk football, I’m happy to talk about football.”

Harris then asked about the Ravens giving up a touchdown in the two-minute drill, which I guess gave Harbaugh to talk about the football he professed to be so happy to talk about. “We don’t like to give up a touchdown in two-minute, and give me a good question and I’ll be glad to answer it.”

Presumably, at halftime, Harbaugh took a moment to ingest a chill pill.