John Harbaugh Refused Mike Vrabel's Handshake After the Titans Beat the Ravens

Stephen Douglas
Mike Vrabel and John Harbaugh not shaking hands.
Mike Vrabel and John Harbaugh not shaking hands. /

The Tennessee Titans beat the Baltimore Ravens in overtime on Sunday. They beat them in Baltimore, on the Ravens home field. A field that they take very seriously. After the game, John Harbaugh and Mike Vrabel met at midfield near where they had a confrontation before the game. Vrabel offered a handshake and Harbaugh refused. The two then exchanged words as they parted ways.

This is some next-level petty from Harbaugh, who confronted the entire Titans squad before the game for meeting on the Ravens logo. Apparently, he did not forget the Titans, or the disrespect they showed his favorite grass and picture of a purple bird.

It is possible these teams could meet each other again in the playoffs for the second straight years. The Titans beat the Ravens at home in the playoffs last year. Don't expect many pleasantries if they do meet again.