John Harbaugh Asked Lamar Jackson If He Wanted to Go For It, He Must Have Said Yes

Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/Getty Images

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens finally beat the Kansas City Chiefs. To do it they needed to overcome a late deficit and then get a first down to ice the game, which Lamar Jackson got on 4th and 1 from Baltimore's 43. Before the play, John Harbaugh was caught yelling, "Lamar, do you want to go for this?" I mean, what did he think he was going to say?

Jackson promptly went out and iced the game with a 2-yard game. He was understandably fired up.

Jackson vinished with 239 passing yards and 107 yards on the ground to go along with three touchdowns.

Jackson was 0-3 against the Chiefs, so this should excite everyone in Baltimore. Twelve of 16 teams in the AFC are 1-1 right now so it kind of looks like anyone can beat anyone and the Ravens just beat the Chiefs so with about three months left in the season, why not Baltimore?