John Cena's Monologue At The ESPYs Was Fantastic

Ryan Phillips

John Cena seemed like an odd choice to host the ESPYS this year, but the 39-year-old WWE star is proving to be a great pick. He opened the show by delivering a fantastic monologue that was undoubtedly one of the best in the show’s history.

Cena’s opening speech was packed with great jokes and nods to the worlds of sports, entertainment and professional wrestling.

We probably should have expected this. Cena performs in front of big crowds weekly and partially makes his living with a microphone in his hand. This was right up his alley. The guy has always had a decent sense of humor and away from the ring has often been self-deprecating and enjoyable.

While he’ll never be as charming as The Rock, Cena has always seemed like a good dude who didn’t take himself too seriously. So far he’s been a great host for the ESPYs, an event that also shouldn’t take itself too seriously.