John Calipari: "Some guys were relieved" When We Lost to Wisconsin

By Jason McIntyre

John Calipari is clearly still sensitive about the loss to Wisconsin in the Final Four, the defeat that ended their season at 38-1. They were 45 minutes away from the sport’s first perfect season in over three decades – up 60-56 against the Badgers with five minutes left, as he notes in this video – and then Kentucky choked it away.

I can’t believe that four months after the loss, Calipari is uttering ridiculous garbage like this:

"“When we lost to Wisconsin, some guys were relieved in that locker room. When I walked in, I thought they’d be devastated. A few of them were relieved like, ‘whew!'”"

Nobody outside of Lexington believes that. Hell, I’m sure the majority of Kentucky fans don’t believe that.

Kids were relieved that they lost in the Final Four? Who, specifically, said, ‘Whew! we lost one game before the Championship and instead of history, we’re just another team that got to the Final Four.

That’s just not believable.