John Beilein's Run as Coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers Was an Incredible Failure

Stephen Douglas
John Beilein and Kevin Love during what was probably a Cavaliers loss.
John Beilein and Kevin Love during what was probably a Cavaliers loss. / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The John Beilein era in Cleveland is over according to Adrian Wojnarowski. After signing a 5-year deal that got him to leave Michigan during the offseason, Beilein made it to the All-Star break, but not through the All-Star break of his first season.

Beilein spent 26 seasons as a college coach, took four different schools to the NCAA tournament and guided Michigan to two Final Fours. Given an opportunity to coach in the NBA, his Cleveland tenure was a mess from the start. The Cavaliers are 14-40 and have the second-worst record in the NBA.

In December, Beilein had a sideline confrontation with Tristan Thompson and then in January Beilein used the word "thugs" to describe his players and that was probably the point of no return. And by all accounts, both those incidents took place months after Beilein lost the locker room.

John Beilein will stand out as stand as a reminder that all success of the Cleveland Cavaliers under Dan Gilbert's ownership can either be attributed to LeBron James or the fact that LeBron James was born in a city near Cleveland. If he was born anywhere else in the world, he never returns to the Cavaliers and wins a championship. Instead the Cavaliers are still trying to make it work with Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett and Beilein is still at Michigan.