Joey Votto After Yet Another Reds' Win: Hello, Fellow Kids


The Cincinnati Reds are one of the biggest surprises of the Major League Baseball this year and are having a hell of a lot of fun winning ball games. Which they did again on Monday night by sneaking past the Washington Nationals, 3-2. Joey Votto, who is old enough to be writing this blog post, blasted a two-run home run in the victory — taking the spotlight away from electric rookie Elly De La Cruz.

As the elder statesman on a young and exciting team, the six-time All Star is providing savvy leadership while not harshing the mellow of all these youths bouncing around the locker room. He showed off exactly how he does that by channeling Steve Buscemi in an excellent 30 Rock bit if you're Votto's age and the old skateboard dude meme if you're not legally allowed to rent a car.

Hello, fellow kids always gets a laugh if the person is self-aware to know they're doing it.

Not the main point here, but Fresca is seriously underrated. You don't hear enough about Fresca these days. Of course, if you do want to engage someone on the topic of a delicious zero-calorie soda, be prepared to sound 7,000 years-old.