Joey Votto, David Bell, and Padres Fan All Ejected in Top of First Inning of Padres-Reds

Liam McKeone
Padres Fan Ejected in First Inning
Padres Fan Ejected in First Inning /

The San Diego Padres hosted the Cincinnati Reds on Saturday afternoon, and boy did things escalate quickly in this game. Three people were ejected by the end of the first inning, and only two were actually a member of a team!

To start: Joey Votto did not agree with the home plate umpire's decision that Votto swung on strike three for the second out in the top of the first. He said as much, and it resulted in a dramatic confrontation that led to Votto's ejection.

Shortly afterwards, a Padres fan got thrown out. It is unclear exactly what happened there, but you can hear in the below video that Votto and the fan may have had a confrontation of some sort, leading to the fan's ejection and triumphant "Are you not entertained?" arm raise.

After all of this went down, Reds manager David Bell got tossed, too.

To remind you, this all happened before the top of the first inning was even over! There were only two outs before three individuals got ejected.

Saturday baseball, baby. Nothin' like it.