Joey Gallo Joins Linkedin to Job Hunt During MLB Lockout

Joey Gallo, Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees
Joey Gallo, Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Major League Baseball's collective bargaining agreement negotiations are not going well and Opening Day is almost certain to be canceled. Moreover, word has come down that the league's owners are willing to wipe out the first month of games if it means they win a better deal. MLB players are already starting to look for other work.

On Monday, we already saw Bryce Harper hilariously hit up the Yomiuri Giants on Instagram, and now New York Yankees outfielder Joey Gallo is getting in on the act. Gallo took to Twitter to announce he had joined LinkedIn for the first time.

And yes, it's a real profile you can find here.

Here's hoping he draws tons of interest that doesn't just involve hundreds of emails saying, "(insert name here) wants to connect on LinkedIn." God, those are the worst. But best of luck finding a gig, Joey!

While MLB players are having a bit of fun with all this, I can assure you fans are not. The owners are almost solely to blame for this mess and we all know it. The social media jokes the players have pulled have been great entertainment. But we all just want baseball.

Here's hoping the owners come to their senses soon and give the players the minor concessions they're asking for.