Joey Chestnut is Injured and On Crutches, But Will It Matter?

Bobby Bank/GettyImages

A reasonable argument could be made that Joey Chestnut is currently the most dominant athlete in all of sports. He has won the men's portion of the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in 14 of the past 15 years and is defending his world-record mark of 76 today out in Coney Island. Vegas has helpfully set the over-under at 74.5 tubes of encased meat and soggy buns, which in and of itself is an absurd testament to his ability. But sharps could be hammering the under because Chestnut will be playing hurt.

Chestnut is using crutches and is sporting a cast on his right leg. He told Fox News Digital that he has a ruptured tendon, but assured fans that the injury will not impede his ability to wolf down copious amounts of hot dogs.

ā€œIā€™m not eating with my leg," Chestnut said.

Fact-check: true. Though if anyone on the planet is capable of figuring out a way to eat with their leg, it's the greatest to ever shovel food in his mouth.

Now, it would be insane to think this guy can't do anything he sets his mind to in the food-consumption arts; hot dog eating is a physical activity requiring balance and a bit of mobility. A nation waits to see the Joey Chestnut Flu Game and once again be reminded of the indomitable human spirit.