Joey Bosa: 'Why Would I Watch a Show About Patrick Mahomes?'


Joey Bosa was a guest on Monday's episode of The Doug Gottlieb Show and the host asked him if he'd been watching Netflix's Quarterback. The Los Angeles Chargers' defensive end was quick to shut the question down saying, "Why would I watch a show about Patrick Mahomes?"

Here's video of the interaction:

Well this should heighten the division rivalry a bit more. Bosa also doesn't seem to know people are actually watching the show and talking about it despite the fact that it's been a viral trend for weeks.

The Kansas City Chiefs are perennial favorites in the AFC West and Mahomes has tormented the Chargers during his five seasons as the Chiefs' quarterback. He's 7-2 against the Bolts during that time and has thrown for 2,391 yards, with 21 touchdowns and only five interceptions in those nine games. So yeah, if I was Bosa I wouldn't want to see any more of Mahomes either. He probably sees enough of him in his own nightmares.

Interestingly, by his answers, it doesn't seem Bosa consumes much about football when he gets home from work. I guess just because he's an NFL player it doesn't mean he can't have other hobbies.