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Joel Zumaya Heroically Re-Emerges to Flame Detroit Tigers

Kyle Koster
Leon Halip/GettyImages

The Detroit Tigers have already placed themselves too far behind the 8-ball to have a competitive, productive season. Yet another Memorial Day will come and go with absolutely no hope for the rest of the summer and countless questions about the path forward as the rebuild creeps dangerously close to a full decade without any signs of actual rebuilding. Frustration among the fanbase is extremely high and is laced with anger. That feeling has carried over to at least one former player, as Joel Zumaya, the fireballing reliever whose career was cut short due to an alleged injury sustained playing Guitar Hero, took to Facebook to share his thoughts on the hapless organization.

Reacting to a harrowing stat showing that the 2022 Tigers have scored 152 fewer runs at this point of the season than they did in their 120-loss 2003 campaign and 178 fewer than the 120-loss 1962 New York Mets, Zumaya let it fly like a 103 mph fastball.

And he's right. Something needs to change. Take it from me, CURRENT DETROIT TIGER FAN #4939393 KYLE KOSTER, which doesn't have the same ring as I JOEL ZUMAYA #54 DETROIT TIGER. Things have not worked. They are currently not working. Anyone who has belief it will work in the future is basing that on hope, not evidence.

Someone needed to say it. People need to continue saying it. Because what's playing out is a genuine embarrassment to fans who deserve better.