Joel Klatt Rips ESPN's Broadcast Of Cal-Hawaii Game

Ryan Phillips

Joel Klatt is a Fox Sports 1 analyst during college football season, so the former Colorado quarterback has opinions when it comes to broadcasting. On Monday he went all-in on ESPN’s presentation of the Hawaii-Cal game to open the season, ripping what he saw as a joke of a broadcast.

On Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel’s podcast, Klatt ripped ESPN’s handling of the game, which was played in Australia. Here’s what he had to say:

“I don’t want to sit here and take shots but give me a break. You talk about not giving the game on the field the respect that it deserves. That was borderline…gosh…that was appalling, that broadcast. They didn’t go down to the game, they just talked about the SEC the entire time. They didn’t know who was on the field. They weren’t following the action. That was brutal. Absolute brutal.

“I was all excited to watch college football and I got some ridiculous, rinky dink high school broadcast. That was an aberration, I was so frustrated with that…I don’t necessarily blame ESPN, I understand it from a business standpoint but the Pac-12 shares in some of the responsibility. I was just frustrated for those kids. That’s an experience that should have really been…unique and outlined from a little bit better from a television standpoint. But the actual broadcast was just so bad. It was so bad. It was like they didn’t even prepare for the players that were going to play. I was so frustrated.”

So yeah, I think it’s safe to say Joel Klatt was not a fan of how ESPN chose to cover the Hawaii-Cal game. We can only hope this escalates into some kind of war of incredibly entertaining sniping between the two networks.