Joel Klatt Is Not a Fan of Danny Kanell Subtweeting Him

Bobby Burack
2019 Summer TCA Press Tour - Day 16
2019 Summer TCA Press Tour - Day 16 / Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Slow news days in this business can be saved by a plethora of things, one of them is a little sports media Twitter feud. We got one today.

Earlier this week, Joel Klatt ranked the Clemson Tigers as the seventh-best team in the nation. A few days later, fellow college football analyst Danny Kanell mysteriously ran a Twitter pole asking if those that rank Clemson seventh are "really smart" or are so bad that they "should be fired." Klatt saw right through this and called out the subtweet.

I can see it both ways, honestly. Sure, subtweeting is a weak move but it's also really funny and can be more effective than tagging your target. Klatt wasn't done, though, and took option B. by tagging Kanell but not trolling him:

Due to the fact Klatt hit Kanell with straight facts, this round goes to Klatt. But again, subtweeting is not criminal. It makes you think, piece things together, and if done correctly, will make you chuckle. So, it just all depends on how you want your blow to land.