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Joel Embiid Seems Like a Delightful Wedding Guest

Ryan Phillips
NBA: Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers
NBA: Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

The Philadelphia 76ers didn't accomplish their NBA championship goals on the court this season, but star center Joel Embiid played at an MVP-level. The big man has earned some much-needed R&R this offseason and boy does it look like he's having a blast.

On Sunday video surfaced of Embiid appearing to have the time of his life at a Jewish wedding. He danced the Hora and even got lifted on a chair with a woman who was decidedly not his girlfriend Anne de Paula. Embiid was loving the whole thing and looked like the life of the party.

Enjoy these videos from the occasion:

That settles it, if I ever get married, Joel Embiid gets the first invite.