Joel Embiid Finally Named MVP

Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Joel Embiid had an incredible season for the Philadelphia 76ers and many believed he would walk away with NBA MVP honors. That didn't happen, which was a tremendous disappointment for the big man and his supporters, made worse when multiple injuries limited him against the Miami Heat and yet another year of Process-trusting ended short of goals. Some had the audacity to wonder if missing out on the award affected his postseason play.

But today's a new day and Embiid can take solace that his quest to win an MVP was simply delayed, not canceled, thanks to the city council, which just passed a resolution naming him Most Valuable Philadelphian.

What an honor. And not at all hollow.

You appreciate the city council setting aside more important work to have their star's back. But one wonders if it isn't a better idea to give this honor to Jalen Hurts as the Eagles prepare to make a playoff run? Sometimes it's better to look to the future than to dwell on the past.