Joel Embiid Has a Photoshopped Rihanna In His Twitter Avatar

Ryan Glasspiegel

Joel Embiid continues his humorous courtship of Rihanna on Twitter. (He moved on from Kim Kardashian at some point last week, though I don’t think our site ever officially documented his quick rebound.)

Anyways, as you’re presumably aware, aspirations for a #JoHanna partnership have continued to be a running joke on Embiid’s account. It should be old by now, but it’s somehow not, at least to me, because of Embiid’s special sense of irony.

This photo must’ve been sent to Embiid by a fan, because the 76ers’ draft selection marveled that someone could even create it:

This appreciation for the digital arts came a few minutes after a very prescient observation about the haters:

At this point, there are few things I’m rooting harder in the world than for #Johanna to actually become a real thing. (Or for Embiid to get healthy and wreck the league.)