Joe Theismann Thinks Tony Romo Should Retire Now

Ryan Glasspiegel

Joe Theismann filmed a video with TMZ — it appears to not have even been an airport ambush or anything like that — about Tony Romo, and the former Washington said he told Romo earlier in the season that he felt like he “shouldn’t play football anymore.”

“I worry about Tony Romo the man, and the rest of his life,” Theismann said. “It’s one thing to have the collarbone, it’s another thing to have the back issues. He’s had three back problems. The collarbone hasn’t even been tested yet. But, knowing the kind of athlete he is, he’s exactly where I expected him to be. He’s not gonna give it up. He loves the game.”

“I think Tony Romo has to stay as a Dallas Cowboy,” Theismann continued. “He’s basically damaged goods. If you’re a general manager and you trade for him, first of all he’s probably going somewhere that doesn’t have near the weapons that they have around him in Dallas. Number 2, you know he’s not going somewhere where they have an offensive line like they have in Dallas. Number 3, for the last three years he’s been hurt and hasn’t finished a season. So why would you economically make the investment in someone that you don’t believe is going to be there for any length of time? And now he has age against him.”

As Theismann alluded to, his advice is not likely to be followed by Romo, but maybe he reconsiders this offseason? It is to be determined whether Romo will finish his career in Dallas or elsewhere.