Joe Tacopina Hints at Other PED Users Who Are "God-like in Boston right now"

By Mike Cardillo

Joe Tacopina, Alex Rodriguez’s lawyer and defacto spokesman, continued his media blitz today on Colin Cowherd’s ESPN Radio program. He continued his scorch-earth approach, dropping hints — without naming names — about other current Major Leaguers using PEDs.

This little nugget is probably not going to go down too well in Boston, home of the World Series champion Red Sox:

Wonder who Tacopina was talking about? Hard to even venture a guess, right? How Tacopina, a lawyer, would be privy to this information is another question worth asking. It’s a smart play by Tacopina, the more he talks the more he helps create some form of doubt in the minds of the public. At this point in the process he has nothing to lose and probably will continue to say things like this to make headlines.

Maybe there’s another way to look at this. Perhaps Tacopina was hinting that all the Red Sox grew their famous beards using artificial means, an equally nebulous thought.

The quote can be heard around the 9 minute mark.

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