Joe Rogan Showcases Real-Time Fact Checking Skills By Confirming 'Thrilla in Manila' Took Place in Africa

UFC 202: Lim v Perry
UFC 202: Lim v Perry / Steve Marcus/GettyImages

Joe Rogan has done it again. After an episode of his Spotify podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, featuring Robert Kennedy Jr. went viral this week for various tidbits of vaccine misinformation and conspiracy talk, the UFC analyst offered to moderate a debate between the fringe presidential candidate and an actual expert. Yesterday, Rogan was back with an MMA show featuring fighter Mike Perry. During their discussion, Rogan, who works professionally in the fight business and wants to moderate a debate based in scientific facts, agreed with Perry that the Thrilla in Manila took place in Africa.

Manila is not in Africa, but this is the kind of real-time fact-checking you could expect in a debate moderated by former Fear Factor host Joe Rogan.

If you'd like to read more about Rogan's Spotify podcast with RFK Jr., you can scroll past a link to actual information about COVID-19. This is a common thing on Rogan's Spotify podcasts. And if you wonder why I keep referring to Joe Rogan's Spotify podcast, it's because Spotify pays Joe Rogan an ungodly amount of money to promote vaccine misinformation. Exclusively on Spotify.

Overall, this is just a great reminder that "debate me" is the peaceful equivalent to "hold me back."