Is This the Joe Rogan Experience?


Confession time. I know that the Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular podcasts in the world, that it breeds controversy, and that the episodes are very, very long. But outside of that, I don't really know all that much as all these years have gone by without watching a single episode. So know that this bit of wonder comes from a pure place of simply not knowing any better.

Is this what the shows are like?

Because if so, I'm both more intrigued and confused. Rogan seems to have either read something and mangled it in his mind, or didn't read something and is imagining it. There's a rigorous fact-checking process that concludes with the person who may have conjured the entire thing out of thin air saying "dammit, better not be be fake." Then there's another person concluding it doesn't matter if the thing that was either made-up or fake is made-up or fake.

What an experience indeed.