Photos From Inside Joe Pesci's Beach House Are Astounding

Joe Pesci house.
Joe Pesci house. /

Have you ever wanted to own a summer house on the Jersey Shore that looks like it belonged to My Cousin Vinny in the 1990s? Well, have I got a deal for you.

Joe Pesci, who starred in dozens of films as the diminutive Italian tough guy he is in real life, put his beach house in Lavallette, N.J., up for sale in late 2019. For some reason, the photos of the mansion made the social media rounds yesterday thanks to a single tweet that perfectly encapsulated the home's vibe.

It's very prime Joe Pesci. And by prime, I mean Pesci in the early 90s.

From the box TV with VHS player in the upper right photo to the pastel prints on all of the furniture to badge carpeting to the Miami Vice bar to the movie posters adorning the walls, it doesn't get much more 90s than this. It also doesn't get more Pesci.

Pesci, who is from New Jersey, bought the house in 1994. It's clear he got it fully updated before he moved in, then...never did anything to the interior again.

No word on if the furniture and pictures come with the $6.5 million asking price, but when you pay for a time capsule you should get everything inside it. Dems da rules.