Joe Paterno Told Sandusky Victim "I Have a Football Season To Worry About" Per Court Documents

By Ty Duffy

A court order from an insurance lawsuit involving Penn State in May revealed the allegation Joe Paterno knew about Jerry Sandusky sexual abusing children as early as 1976. Those documents have been unsealed (read them all here). The oral deposition of “John Doe 150,” as noted by the Washington Post, sheds light on that incident.

John Doe 150 testified that Sandusky penetrated his rectum with his finger in a shower when he was 14-year-old.

Doe testified he requested a meeting with Paterno and informed Paterno about what happened. He alleges Paterno told him he had “a football season to worry about” and walked away.

This was one of six incidents where Penn State’s insurance provider claims the school had the chance to notify it about Jerry Sandusky.