Joe Montana on Tom Brady/Cam Newton, Notre Dame Joining ACC, And if He Would Let His Kid Play Football Right Now

Brian Giuffra
Joe Montana
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Joe Montana has lived quite a life. He brought greatness to South Bend before winning four Super Bowls as a member of the San Francisco 49ers and firmly secured his spot as arguably the greatest quarterback off all-time. "Joe Cool" has kept a low profile since retirement, but he took the time to speak to The Big Lead as a part of his new brand ambassadorship for Guinness, the newest official beer for Notre Dame football.

The legendary quarterback explained why he's in favor of student-athletes getting paid, his reaction to Tom Brady leaving New England, why he believes any team that wants a ring this year will have to get through the Bucs first, Notre Dame's ACC membership, and his thoughts as a father when considering if college football should be played anywhere this fall.

Below is the full video interview along with links to specific topics.

0:20- The Guinness-Notre Dame connection

1:55- Notre Dame as an ACC team and their decision to move forward with fall sports as of now

3:30- If he would let his son go out and play football with the backdrop of COVID-19

5:10- his thoughts on the player empowerment movement in the NCAA ranks and why he thinks college athletes should be paid

8:30- Why he believes the Patriots made a mistake letting Tom Brady walk out the door despite the signing of Cam Newton

11:00- His thoughts on the Brady-San Francisco rumors and what that says about Jimmy Garoppolo

12:45- What he thinks about the makeup of the 49ers heading into 2020