Joe Ingles' Wife Was on a Plane From Australia When the Clippers Cut Him in 2014

Stephen Douglas

Joe Ingles and Joe Johnson carried the Utah Jazz to a series-tying win over the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday. With Gordon Hayward limited to 9 minutes because of food poisoning, Johnson had 28 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists in a season-high 35-minutes.

Meanwhile, Ingles showed off the shooting (2 huge late 4th quarter 3-pointers) and passing (11 assists) highlighted in Zach Lowe’s Luke Walton All-Stars column from March. Also highlighted in that column was this story:

"In late October 2014, Ingles finished up the Clippers’ last preseason game while his wife, Renae, was on a flight from Australia to meet him. The Clippers waived Ingles before she landed. “I was on the team when she took off,” Ingles said, “and then when she got to the airport, I wasn’t. It was pretty disappointing.”"

It’s not quite Belichick cutting a guy during Christmas dinner, but it’s still pretty rough. It seems unimaginable that the ’14-’15 Clippers used a 7-man rotation in their second-round loss to the Rockets that season and relied on 30-minutes a night from Matt Barnes in that series. And now here he is in Utah, giving it to the team that cut him while his wife was on a long flight.