Joe Girardi Spins Trevor Bauer Trade Wheels, Explains Why Reds Could Trade Bauer on MLB Network

Brian Giuffra

Does anyone like Trevor Bauer? The guy can come off as a clown every once in a while, like when he cut his finger cleaning a drone before a playoff start, but a team trading for him just to flip him a day later? That seems farfetched. Except if you’re former Yankees manager Joe Girardi.

A few hours after Bauer was sent from playoff-contending Cleveland to basement-dwelling Cincinnati, Girardi spun the trade machine wheels in his mind and explained on MLB Network why he thinks the Reds will flip Bauer instead of keeping him. Ken Rosenthal doesn’t agree.

Girardi’s idea, while not eloquently stated, makes some sense. Bauer is only under contract for another year. The Reds stink this year, have for the past six seasons, and likely will again next year. Why keep a top-line pitcher when he’d likely leave in free agency for winning pastures elsewhere?

Of course, as Rosenthal pointed out, the Reds also sent Top 30 prospect Taylor Trammell in the deal, not to mention Yasiel Puig, so getting back that kind of return on investment in a separate trade for Bauer seems unlikely. Regardless, there’s still time before the trade deadline strikes midnight, and until that moment, Bauer trade rumors will continue floating from Girardi’s mouth to our heads.